Owned by Cat Russell

Fantasy hotel from the deep depths of a sandy network of small universes.

3D created with 2D close up texture and finish.

Collector unlocks FRAMED art print delivered to their home

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0.045 ETH

Villain wants the power they can't have

They will stop at nothing to get it

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0.2 ETH

Fantasy scene modelled and manipulated. Check out the little fairies!

Unlocks FRAMED fine art print

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Nonsensical Encounter

0.5 ETH

Music and Animation Collaboration with @hamzamajeedkhan

A character induces a connection to an entity, who shows him **everything**

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0.1 ETH

Hard kits, concussive patterns. What does DOOM sound like?

Music first, the animation is complementary.

Compressed to fit on the web, HD version unlockable.
You might hear me at the end 😉

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0.1 ETH

Take a journey into the Core.

Convulsive drum kits and heart racing sounds, middle eastern chords and scales, natural and synthetic.

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10 past

Owned by David Kleinbard

Inspired by Indian miniature paintings in there flat-like simple composition and by traditional collages as each element is a layer. Technical effort using 3D elements modelling and compositing.

Comes with giclée art print, 56x76cm. 

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Welcome to Garth 696

Owned by deej

Science fantasy inspired digital collage. An entrance into a place in between what these beings here describe as 'heaven' and 'hell'.

Inspired by Indian miniature paintings in there flat-like simple composition, and by traditional collages in the way each 'ground' is layered and in the way it was constructed from back to front. Technical effort using 3D elements, modelling and compositing.

This captures a moment in time, a view, a journey to an otherworldly place and is shared with you. If it wasn't captured, it could be labelled a lie!

This NFT comes with a FREE GICLEE (museum-grade paper) art print.

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The Time Twisters

Owned by 0xee ... e53d

Full HD unlockable on purchase.

A science fantasy series intro to a fictional superhero story, featuring a dynamic intergalactic journey through time and space.

The corner stone of this creation is a truly remarkable monologue by voice actor Ciaron Davies the 'Voice Magician' who worked with me to round off this sci-fi music animation.

The soundtrack is a superhero themed score I made called 'Conquest On Perseus' themed on courage, triumph and victory.

What we have is a soundtrack, with a fitting monologue and pair it with an animation, encapsulating the science fantasy experience.

At 9fps the animation takes on a retro-like simulation, which fits perfectly with the 1950-Orson Welles type voicer over from Ciaron.

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0.044 ETH (Edition of 5)

What do you see?

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